is a graphic designer and art director with an interest in art in books, screens and theory. They are a member of the editorial collective of Brand magazine and on the board of Illustratörcentrum. With an interest in both praxis and theory they create books, websites, films and other things, with an ambition of keeping a critical mindset and finding novel ways of visualization.

Currently involved in: Writing and making a book together with artist Alva Roselius. Working as an assistant to creative director Martin Falck.

BFA in Graphic design and illustration from Konstfack, Stockholm.

Art as Object - Art as Practice

Book design for Para-Institutional Models (PIM), about and embodying the relationship between the art object and art practice in contemporary art theory.
Typefaces, form and material shape are carefully chosen to embody an oscillation between the material and immaterial.


Design concept layout for the queer issue of the classic swedish anarchist magazine Brand. With material changes, color palettes, image editorial decisions, illustrations and attention to detail the goal has been to queerly unsettle the experience of the magazine object.

Alva Roselius

Website for artist and writer Alva Roselius. The visitor is met by a poem encompassing the titles of all the works.

Habitat Podcast

A podcast about the politics of inhabited places. Cultural geography and an exploration of historical, ideological and geographical aspects of our cities. I created a variable system for podcast covers and a logotyped based on the shapes gathered from the city.

Our Red Flag

A project about the historical remnants and visual culture of the trade unionist red flag, in new cultural and political environments. Based on research in the swedish workers movement archive and consulting with experts in union flag history.


Interactive website for creative collective and experience agency Shadowplay. Light and color dance over the screen interacting with the movement of the pointer.

Södertörn Student Union

A new logotype graphic identity for swedens most forward thinking student union. The identity works with combining accessibility, academic integrity with bold integrity and a colorful palette and traditional student union symbolism.


Sven Nordqvist-esque cover illustration, booklet etc for a newly started innovative folk music band. The ilustration is heavily based on the different thematics that inspired and run through the nine instrumental tracks.

Brand Magazine

Brand is the worlds oldest still running libertarian socialist magazine. I've worked with design, covers, layout, illustration, image editorial work and more.
Cover art for #4.2016, #1.2017, #2.2018.

Sites and Situations

In collaboration with Maryam Fanni i've worked with insert and design for A-Z, an encyclopedic book connecting different platforms for socially engaged design.

Writing Images

Search and write, change size and delete. Change from writing with skyscrapers to animated cats.

Through literally writing with images the website fosters a semiotic and playful understanding of written language and visual culture.
Writing images